About Me

Hi folks I’m Charlie Framm and this is my blog on breeding worms. I started it because I’ve been worm farming for over 20 years and it’s helped me tremendously with my crops too. I mostly farm soybeans, organic soybeans, and without these little red wigglers I don’t reckon I’d have half the success that I do.

I’m not a large scale farmer. As a matter of fact, I retired out here just over ten years ago to raise crops full time. I’ve found that soybeans are the biggest crop that’s in demand and growing year on year, so that’s what I focus most of my ten acres on. I sell mostly at the local farmers’ market. It helps keep me busy and supplements my city pension. I also sell composting worms too and there’s a lot more interest over the last few years that I’ve noticed. Especially from city folks.

I started breeding worms like I said over 20 years ago when I was in the city. My wife Joan started us on it to help cut down on the waste we were throwing out each day. We lived in an apartment back then but we had a pretty good sized composting bin and we’d share some of that worm compost with our friends who had yards. As a matter of fact, Margaret, a friend of ours won a local rose growing competition and she figured it was thanks in large part to our compost that gave her such beautiful roses.

So we started giving our friends some of our earthworms for their own gardens and they started having some great results. Then we learned that you could actually sell these fellas and folks would buy them. They’re pretty prolific if you know what you’re doing and you treat them right.

Joan and I had always wanted to retire out in the country and do a little farming. Joan wasn’t able to see our dream come true, she was taken too soon. But I made a vow to her that I’d do it. And that’s what I’ve done. I guess you could say that breeding earthworms was the start of that dream for us.